Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Relaxing Day

Today was such a relaxing day. To begin with, I got a solid four hours of sleep for the first time in a month. :D  

I had to take Hero to work by 8:30 this morning and I thought (aloud) that I would have to miss the Mom's Morning Out group that I like to attend. I had awakened late and hadn't had breakfast, gotten the baby dressed and ready for the day, or handed the older boys their school and chore assignments for the day- the Mom's group starts at 9ish. 

When I got back from taking Hero to work both Prince Valiant and Prince Charming were waiting for me at the door. Prince Valiant was holding a lovingly prepared bowl of cereal, and Prince Charming was ready with baby clothes and a diaper. They had decided that they wanted to help me to go out for the morning. I was extremely proud of them for doing something to sweet and helpful and so very grateful for the chance to go and relax for a couple of hours; having the boys' help also made me feel a little less guilty about taking a little time out for me. My boys were such a blessing to me today!  

When the day starts out with such a blessing how can it be anything other than relaxing?