Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sell the house? Where do I begin?!

Yesterday I told you how overwhelmed I was now that I have about a month to whip this house into “show shape”. I did a little research (mostly just to hid from all the to- dos swimming around in my head) and I stumbled across How To Prepare Your House For Sale By Elizabeth Weintraub, Guide, it was a very interesting article. So I thought that I might try following some of the advice.

In this article the author suggests that I take the following steps:

1. Disassociate myself from my the house- it's now a commodity, not my home.

2. De- personalize the house- take all family pictures and such down and pack them up

3. De- clutter- (ARGH!) Do what I've avoided doing for that past year and a half, and throw junk out! ;)

4. Re- arrange bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets- I've read elsewhere that I should remove 75% of    what's in there and pack it up, throw it away, give it away, or sell it

5. Rent a storage unit- hmm.. how to fit that that into the budget? Adding this to my prayer list

6. Remove/ replace favorite items

7. Make minor repairs- mostly Hero's to do list

8. Make the house sparkle- won't it look so pretty?!!

9. Scrutinize- think like the seller

10. Check Curb appeal- could we just point out our gorgeous view of the River instead???

That's a long list, but definitely doable! I won't be doing everything exactly as suggested, but this gives me and my brain a great starting point! And the best part is that even though my brain is still going crazy with to- dos, I'm no longer feeling overwhelmed and afraid of the task at hand. I'll blog about it as I go along... maybe someone will be able to use some of the tips that I learn along the way at some point.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife July 28, 2010 at 6:40 AM  

You don't need to rent a storage unit! Go through your stuff, get rid of a quarter of it (Salvation Army), and keep only what you really need. This makes moving tons easier!

I put half my stuff in the garage when we moved. We we decided to not more, I brought it all out and had a yardsale. I realized, I'd been living without this stuff for awhile and was just fine. My house had much less clutter and moving was much easier.

Utitilize that shed, Friend!