Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm back...

Yeah!! I am able to get into my blog and write! I am now also able to visit the blogs of my friends and ALL of my favorite places again.

I had to switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. After much researching, I found out that the problem I was having was just a Firefox malfunction. After a few (several, actually) emails to Firefox about this particular problem- and NO response- I made the decision to try something new. ...and it works beautifully.

There is always change in life; some changes are welcomed and even anticipated with much joy, while others are dreaded and feared- greatly! This change in internet service providers was neither... I really don't care either way, I'm just glad to have my “virtual” world back to “normal”. ;)

Before I was so rudely kicked out of my blogging world, our family was headed in the direction of selling the house and getting things ready for Hero to be able to physically attend Seminary. After talking with a Realtor and praying about it, our plans have changed.

Yes, the prayer should have come before the taking down of pictures and packing of boxes. But if we always did the right thing first, we would not be humans in need of Grace and Mercy.

Actually, our biggest reason for wanting to move and attend Seminary has vanished. Hero was terribly unhappy with his job. Since we've been directed to “bloom where we are planted” for now, Hero has jumped into church ministry- with both feet- with our home church and other churches in the area. No, not as a pastor or any paid position, just heading up ministries all over the place.

Hero says he has never felt so fulfilled in his life. He loves being able to work at his job to earn a living and then spend much of his time furthering God's Kingdom. I am excited for him! Though to be completely honest, this new phase in our lives has been a little hard for me to take at times... but that is another post altogether. :)

For now, this is where we are staying- continuing education online, and praising the Lord for working in our lives by slamming doors shut when we shouldn't be going through them.