Thursday, October 08, 2009

Celebrating Accomplishments Along the Way

Prince Valiant (#52) and Prince Charming (#24)

My Princes have been playing in the community youth football league this fall. Prince Valiant isn't all that thrilled with football, but is finishing out the season with a good attitude. Prince Charming, on the other hand, LOVES football; he has loved it since he was three. His dream has always been to be a wide receiver- "the guy that catches the ball and runs" (his own description).

This football season, Prince Charming has gotten to play in that position on the field, but hasn't ever been able to catch the ball so it really hasn't been thrown to him much. Tonight at practice, he caught the ball, and not just once! It was a break through in his "football career"! :) He didn't even get all that excited about it... he just kind of moved on to the next skill that he feels he needs to work on- running faster.

I'm really proud of Prince Charming, and as I was marveling about him taking his accomplishment for granted, I realized that I often do the same thing. Rather than take time to enjoy accomplishments, I move directly on to the next thing on the never-ending list. I'm usually so focused on the end goal or the big picture that I don't see how big the new accomplishment really is.

I wonder what my Heavenly Father thinks when I don't take a moment to just marvel at the new fear that I've conquered, the temptation I've been able to overcome, or the new discipline that I've adapted into my life. It is, after all His Strength and Help that see me through to every achievement.

Prince Charming was a good reminder to me to take a moment and give thanks to the Lord for each new thing that He helps me to do or overcome. Sometimes, it's okay to take my focus off the big picture for just a moment to celebrate the little accomplishments along the road; it even motivates me to work harder at the next task on the list.

Prince Charming in action