Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Blessing

I've been extremely quiet here on blogger this past month; things have been happening in our family.

First, we've all been adjusting to having Hero home again. While it is wonderful to have him home, it is still an adjustment for all of us. I think we are all adjusting well.

For Christmas we took a road trip to AZ with Hero's parents to visit extended family and friends that we only get to see every couple of years. It was a blast! It was such a relaxing trip and it is always so much fun to visit with loved ones that we don't get to see often enough.

Christmas Day we received the best gift- a call from the adoption agency:  a young birth mother was about to be induced, not knowing the sex of the baby yet, would we be interested?  We talked it over for about a full minute then called the agency back and said, "Of course!"

The next day at 2:27 in the morning our baby boy was born - a healthy 7 lbs 3oz and 20 inches long. Normally, adoptive parents are encouraged to wait the 10 day period, in which the birth mother can change her mind about terminating her parental rights, before flying to Georgia to get their baby. The circumstances for our little guy were slightly different and we were actually encouraged to fly out a pick him up right away. There was still some risk in doing that, but very little. So, Hero and I hopped on a red-eye flight out of Las Vegas to Atlanta!

We got to bring our baby, Prince Naveen, "home" when he was just one day old! "Home" was Hero's Uncle and Aunt's house just outside of Atlanta. We didn't have to pay for a hotel room at all for the entire time we were there; Uncle and Aunt were even kind enough to drive us anywhere we needed to go during our time there.  Hero could only stay for a couple of days to do the necessary paperwork, then he had to fly back to Vegas and drive into AZ to pick up the rest of our family and drive them all home to OR. Prince Naveen and I had to stay in Atlanta another week and a half to wait for both Oregon and Georgia states to approve my traveling across state lines with him.

Finally, we are all home and settling in to life as normal. Well, as normal as possible with a newborn in the house.  What an adventure our Christmas vacation was! Looking back, it was perfect and I'm so thankful that everything worked out just the way it did.  Don't worry, more pictures will be posted; I can't seem to stop taking pictures of our little Christmas blessing.


Cheesemakin' Mamma January 19, 2010 at 12:57 PM  

So glad your husband got home safely. There is always an adjustment period even with the best of marriages. I'm sending up a little prayer for you guys right now. And wow, what a awesome gift from God. How exciting that you were able to adopt. May God bless your newly increased family!